Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Rhyme: "Party Girl" - Asher Roth Feat. Meek Mill

"I Love College" rapper Asher Roth returns with his new song about a girl who likes to party. Aptly titled "Party Girl," it samples Eddie Murphy's 80's hit "Party All The Time". Asher still has connections to college-oriented music with this song describing the party antics of a stereotypical college frat girl.

Backed by a club-dupstep based beat, it makes for a good track that any party girl would want to dance to. The song also serves to introduce younger audiences to the fact that yes, Eddie Murphy did attempt to sing at some point. It's good, it's straight forward and the rap provided by Meek Mill helps make it more hip-hop and less typically pop appealing to the college crowed. It's not necessarily mainstream but neither is Asher Roth.