Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Rhyme: "There Is No Arizona" - Jamie O'Neal

Released in 2000 with the singer's debut album Shiver, Jamie O' Neal's "There Is No Arizona" remains one of her most popular tracks to date. I first heard this song probably a year after it was released when my grandpa started listening to country radio in the car. After that, I would watch GAC and see the video. Ever since then, I have loved the song. I came across it again recently and bought it from iTunes and upon listening to it again, I've truly understood what it is about.

The gist of the story is that a guy promises to take his girlfriend to Arizona where they'll live out the rest of their lives together and all their dreams will come true. As it turns out, he goes there without her leaving her waiting for him until one day, it dawns on her that he isn't coming back. The reason why this song is so poignant is because of the way the writers decided to relay the fact that a guy had promised his girl these dreams and now they were never going to be realized. They simply say that the hopes will never be true because Arizona doesn't exist. O'Neal does a great job of conveying the emotion evicted in the song. I feel it every time.

Image Credit: Mercury Nashville