Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Rhyme: "Confessions" - Usher

"Confessions" or "Confessions Part II" is the fourth single released by R&B crooner Usher on his 2004 album of the same name. It is a continuation of the interlude, "Confessions Part I" which tells of a mans infidelity. Part II goes on to convey a man confessing his infidelity to his beau about getting his mistress pregnant. Of course, the song stirred rumors that Usher himself had impregnated a woman while cheating on a girlfriend, but Usher maintained that it had never happened to him. Instead, one of the co-writers of the song, producer Jermaine Dupri admitted that the ideas behind the songs on the album are his. Still, rumors persisted that Usher had cheated on a girlfriend and knocked up a lover.

The issue of pregnancy, specifically unplanned ones, still looms. Especially among teens. The teen pregnancy rate has been increasing in recent years. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this trend is that some teens actually want to get pregnant--as young as age 13! Some defend teens, saying they feel a need to be loved or they feel a void that needs to be filled. But teen pregnancy is inexcusable and is the fault of both, irresponsible partners. It is a serious undertaking to raise a child and it should, not be taken lightly.

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