Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Rhyme: "Lover's Spit" - Broken Social Scene

"Lover's Spit" is featured on the band's 2002 album You Forgot It in People. It, along with "Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl" are both fan-favorites. The album features complex and experimental musical techniques and a wide range of different instruments. In 2003, the year the album was reissued, it won the Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year. Sylus Magazine put it in 7th place on their Top 50 Albums: 2000-2005 list.

I first heard this song by listening to Jim Carrey's (woo hoo!) iTunes celebrity playlist. The man has excellent taste in music by the way. Anyway, this was a song that I immediately liked. I haven't quite been able to figure out exactly what the song is about, but I'm sure it's pretty deep. Mind you, the lyrics are suggestive but the song is a great one nevertheless, without the gimmicky lyrics. Many think the song is about meaningless love. That seems about right. See the lyrics here.

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A Rhyme: "Life Goes On" - LeAnn Rimes

The release of "Life Goes On" in 2002 marks a departure in Rimes' career from country to pop and from girl to woman. While LeAnn enjoyed cross-over success in 2000 with songs featured in the film Coyote Ugly, (most notably "Can't Fight The Moonlight"), this was the first time she truly changed her sound. The album Twisted Angel is a mix of pop and R&B. The video for "Life Goes On" was shot in New Orleans and was perhaps most notable for LeAnn's more exposed clothing and suggestive movements. The song is about letting go of the past.

I enjoy anytime an artist decides to change their sound. It makes for something more interesting, especially when the change is something so unexpected. LeAnn lost some fans when she released this record, but I know she gained some as well. This is one of my favorite records of her's and "Life Goes On" is on of my favorite songs from the album.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Riff: Social Networking Gone Too Far

At a Clayton County school in Georgia, two teachers got into a fight at their jobs over a Facebook love letter from a fellow male teacher. Both teacher's claimed to be romantically involved with the same man. At one point, teachers Ebony Cobb and Chaka Smith fought inside a classroom, in front of students, shouting expletives in front of the children. The entire story can be read here.

So the question is, when does social networking cross the line? I think it goes over board when people post way too much of their personal business online. Also, when information like who you are dating and what is going on with that person comes into play and it starts to interfere with your professional life, then you have done something wrong. Two years ago, facebook removed photos of mothers breastfeeding their babies and banned others for "obscene content", angering thousands. But it must be understood that posting such photos is graphic and shouldn't' be allowed.

Personally, I am a private person. I don't put my business out in the street for others to know. I know what lines shouldn't be crossed. Do you?

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Sydney Morning Herald

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Rhyme: "Confessions" - Usher

"Confessions" or "Confessions Part II" is the fourth single released by R&B crooner Usher on his 2004 album of the same name. It is a continuation of the interlude, "Confessions Part I" which tells of a mans infidelity. Part II goes on to convey a man confessing his infidelity to his beau about getting his mistress pregnant. Of course, the song stirred rumors that Usher himself had impregnated a woman while cheating on a girlfriend, but Usher maintained that it had never happened to him. Instead, one of the co-writers of the song, producer Jermaine Dupri admitted that the ideas behind the songs on the album are his. Still, rumors persisted that Usher had cheated on a girlfriend and knocked up a lover.

The issue of pregnancy, specifically unplanned ones, still looms. Especially among teens. The teen pregnancy rate has been increasing in recent years. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this trend is that some teens actually want to get pregnant--as young as age 13! Some defend teens, saying they feel a need to be loved or they feel a void that needs to be filled. But teen pregnancy is inexcusable and is the fault of both, irresponsible partners. It is a serious undertaking to raise a child and it should, not be taken lightly.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Riff: Blogging for Fun

Why do I blog? Well, simply put, I do it because I enjoy it! Blogging allows me to express things about about myself about the topics I enjoy. I love music; I always have. Music is something every and anyone can relate to. So blogging about music is really fun because it allows me to talk about why I enjoy and I can explain what I like about it so much.

On this blog, I can have fun expressing my certain likes and even dislikes about a particular song or artist. Previously, I have often wanted a medium through which I could discuss such topics but I was unsure about how I could do that. Now that I have found blogging, I have a forum in which I can have fun discussing my favorite topic.

To celebrate the fun I've had on the blog, I've included a musical slide show showcasing the different Rhymes I've featured so far. Have fun!" id="W46928cc51133af174af23a1c7f591f29" width="432" height="240">" />
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