Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Rhyme: "Breathe Me" - Sia

"Breathe Me" is a song by Australian alternative singer, Sia (pronounced See-uh). It is featured on her 2004 album "Colour The Small One". The song became popular in America when it was featured on the series finale of the HBO drama Six Feet Under. The song has been used in commercials including the Coca-Cola commercial aired during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Since the song became so popular, the album was re-released in 2006. The song seems to be about someone who is in desperate need of a friend and companion, as you can tell by reading the lyrics and listening to the track here.

When I first heard this song, I thought the Sia’s voice was very unusual to say the least. I admit I didn’t like the song very much at first. But upon a second and third listen I liked the song more and more. The best part is when Sia sings “…and breathe me” for the last time and the music slows down--almost stopping, and then swells again becoming even grander than it was before. Sia is a true talent and hearing this song has led me to further listen to her work. You’ll be hearing more from her in the future on this blog.
Credit: Rhapsody