Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Rhyme: "Good Life" - Kanye West f/ T-Pain

"Good Life" is basically about the life Kanye has always wanted, and the life he now has. The song won a Grammy in 2008 and features John Legend and Ne-Yo on background vocals. T-Pain is featured on the track that samples keys from Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T . (Pretty Young Thing)". Kanye wrote the song along with others including legendary composer Quincy Jones.

This song is great because who doesn't wan't to live a life like that? In the song, Kanye talks about wishing he was living the "Good Life" as a kid and now he has made that a reality. A notable line in the song is " 50 told me go 'head switch the style up/And if they hate then let 'em hate/And watch the money pile up". People are always going to hate on you when ever you try to do something different. But when you end being successful, you're the one who gets the last laugh.

Picture credit: Wikipedia
Credit: Rhapsody